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Abit Matic

Abit Matic is the super-practical clothes rail mechanism in kit form, with oil-hydraulic movement, which lets you use the higher compartments inside a wardrobe. Assembly is so simple that it can be fitted easily by anyone, even in home wardrobes not already equipped for it. Abit Matic exists in two colours: grey or black. The brand new, next-generation Abit Matic 10 is a product with new design at low cost and also available in the two different colours.



Allover is a programme of furniture fittings with all-aluminium structure. It is light, versatile, and modular, making Allover the perfect way to use a new product that can adapt to fit any room in the home, starting with the lounge and passing on to bedrooms and then the bathroom or alternatively, as a simple complementary furnishing unit.


Handles for sliding doors

There is a vast range of available handles for sliding doors, with the possibility to face, paint, oxidise, or polish them for guaranteed solid results and the possibility to insert a steel tie bar inside the profile, thereby preventing any vertical warping.
As well as the range shown in the catalogue, the technical department is willing to provide designs for customised profiles, adapting to any specific requirements in both design and structural terms.


Sliding doors

Monaldi due offers a wide range of furniture doors built with aluminium profiled structure, then faced, painted, oxidised or polished. These doors are ready for assembly with panels in different materials, such as glass, wood, methacrylate, mdf, etc. Standardised production is integrated with items made to specific design.


Leaf doors

Manufacture of leaf doors for kitchen units, lounges and bedrooms, consisting of a wide range of faced, painted, oxidised or polished profiles, including with incorporated handles and ready to use for a whole range of aesthetic or structural requirements. It is also possible to produce assembled and finished products.



Sliding systems

Years of experience have allowed us to develop a sliding system that includes a host of different versions and possibilities for use, based on the weight and thickness of the door. The traditional sliding system includes use of the shock-absorbed closure, while its actual strength is represented by the possibility to adapt the tracks – with or without shock absorbers – thanks to the introduction of covered bearings. The system is incredibly silent and has an excellent slide action. As well as the shock absorbed system, we also offer a vast range of sliding systems for all types of user.


Pull-out racks for walk-in

The foldaway rack is a modular system using a mechanism to position shelves, drawer units and abit matic. This type of product is much appreciated on account of the possibility to adjust the angle of the structure compared to the wall, and thanks to the adjustable foot, it is possible to vertically position the panel and the accessories applied to it.

Sliding doors for walk-in

Sliding doors for walk-in wardrobes offer a host of differing sliding solutions; in fact they can be fitted either to floor or ceiling. It is available with single or double track system. The overall maximum dimensions for the doors must be within 1000 mm wide and 3000 mm high. They can be made with glass or one-piece or divided panels and the aluminium profiles are available faced, painted, oxidised or lacquered.

Aluminium look  

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