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A little history...
The Monaldi family has been working metal for nearly a century. The business started out as a small workshop in the early 1900s, with Natale Monaldi, who was forced to close during the First World War, while he was a pilot in the air force. On his return from the war, he resumed his business as a smith, with the help of his three sons, Arturo, Girolamo, and Raniero.

The business developed at industrial level in the 1970s and this was thanks to the two current partners, Sauro and Girolamo Monaldi, who saw aluminium as a splendid material to adapt to a host of different applications in the furnishing industry.


Monaldi Due today
Monaldi Due is now a point of reference in the aluminium industry when it comes to furnishing. An indoor area of 5000 square metres, divided across two factories, with central headquarters in Belforte all’Isauro and secondary premises in Piandimeleto, is where the Monaldis create and manufacture a wide range of items.




Via Enrico Mattei 2/4 - BELFORTE ALL’ISAURO (PU)
Tel. 0722 721138 - Fax. 0722 721795 - P. Iva 01397440411
www.monaldidue.it - email: info@monaldidue.it

Aluminium look  

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tel. 0722 721138 _ fax 0722 721795
via E.Mattei 2/4 belforte all'isauro (pu) italy

p.iva 01397440411